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Sullivan Wittrock
(403) 929-6020
RE/MAX Real Estate-Lethbridge
#110, 376 - 1st Avenue South Lethbridge, AB T1J 0A5

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I’m Sullivan, and this is why I love helping people like you own their very own home:

I thought that buying a house meant I’d be stuck in one place forever. That if any opportunities came up outside of Lethbridge for myself I’d never be able to do them because of the commitment to my home ownership. I thought of it as settling, and that renting would always win in this situation.


I am more happy, fulfilled, and living a better life than I was in all of the previous years I spent renting.

I love my home, and part of that was having an amazing Realtor find the perfect home for us.

I now know that I am more free to do what I want in life because of owning my own home.

Dream job opportunity? Sell the house, that I have invested in, and move with the equity gained from my OWN home.

“Worst case scenario” - I suddenly can’t afford my own home anymore - RENT IT to others who can pay for it for me, allowing me to make money from them, or sell it.

Even if I wanted to travel long term I can rent out my home now and have some monthly income while traveling too, making traveling even better!

Owning my home is a win, win, win, win, win.

It may be more expensive than renting as many will be first to let you know, but I am investing in myself and my future, which is invaluable.

I just can’t beat how HAPPY I feel when I come back to my own home, whether it’s from a day of work, or a weekend away. It’s my favourite place to be.

I want you to have this amazing feeling too.
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